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Cloning Is Wrong, Says KMA

The Nation (Nairobi)
March 15, 2001

The cloning of human beings is unethical, the Kenya Medical Association's chairman has said.

Dr James Nyikal said the operation was dangerous for the human race and would open doors for the interference with the genetic properties of the human body.

He said reports that it had taken 277 attempts to properly clone a sheep was a clear indication that the task was complex.

"The outcome is malformed individuals," Dr Nyikal said, adding that scientists needed to conduct more research before coming up with procedures to ensure cloning would be 100 per cent effective.

"As things stand now, the technology is too dangerous to be put to use," he said.

On Friday, American and Italian scientists said they planned to create the first cloned human being.

American Panayiotis Zavos and Italian Severino Antinorisaid their objective was to help infertile couples.

The proposal by the two scientists has received criticism from mainstream scientists and religious groups.

Father Gino Concetti, a moral theologian whose views are thought to reflect those of Pope John Paul, reiterated by saying the proposals contradicted truth of mankind, man's dignity, man's rights ... especially the right to be conceived in the human way.

The Archbishop of Nairobi, Ndingi Mwana a' Nzeki, questioned the rationale behind the plan, and urged Christians to pray against it

The Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims secretary-general, Mr Ahmed Khalif, said the cloning of humans would have a negative impact on the human race.

He said though the Islamic religion was not against science, there was need to use scientific knowledge wisely.

Dr Nyikal said laws to prevent the abuse of the technique needed to be put into place.

He Said the KMA ethical committee will meet to discuss the matter before releasing an official statement.

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