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American Doctor Wants To Clone Human

WASHINGTON:  Someone has done it, finally, as was indeed expected.  An American professor of reproductive physiology, Panos Zavos, has announced he plans to clone a human being!

Zavos has disclosed that he together with an Italian fertility expert, Severino Antinori, planned to produce what would be the world's first cloned baby within the next year or two.

Antinori has helped post-menopausal women become pregnant, including at least one woman who gave birth in her 60s.  Zavos has said that human cloning was inevitable and that it was preferable that it happened openly with qualified professionals.

However, he pointed out that the procedure would be offered only to infertile couples. Chicago area physicist Richard Seed made headlines in 1998 when he said he would clone a person, and a Canada-based religious group said recently that it, too, is on the verge of cloning someone.




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