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Human cloning begins
Posted Mon, 12 Mar 2001

An international team of scientists, headed by American doctor Panayiotis Zavos, has said it will start work on producing the world's first cloned human child.

Despite massive criticism from religious, political and scientific quarters, the team has already had between 600-700 couples volunteering for the experiment, and according to Zavos the number is increasing.

"Interest has come from all over, from Japan to Argentina, from Germany to Britain," Zavos told reporters, after indicating that the team would begin work in the next few weeks, with the primary goal of helping infertile couples have children. "Being infertile is like a stop sign. You face the deficiency and ask God 'Why me? Why do I have to go and get sperm cells from someone else in order to have a child?'"

Despite intense criticism of the project, Zavos believes the critics will eventually get over their shock.

"Historically, this is normal but once the first baby is born and it cries, the world will embrace it," he said. "Now that we have crossed into the third millennium, we have the technology to break the rules of nature."



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