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Smoking Damages Sperm

Smokers have yet another reason to kick the habit, especially men who want to have a baby, says a Reuters report citing a study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility. Dr. Panayiotis Zavos, research team leader, says nonsmokers produced better quality sperm than smokers. His team looked at samples from 40 men. Half were lifelong nonsmokers; the other half lit up an average of 42 times a day for the past three years. Researchers observed that mixing a nonsmoker's sperm with a smoker's improved overall sperm quality and longevity, which could be useful someday for assisted reproduction. Researchers think sperm health may be compromised because tobacco damages seminal plasma, a nutrient-rich liquid found in semen. Meanwhile, Australian scientists have teamed up with underwear makers to create "sperm-friendly boxer shorts." The new "air-conditioned" underpants debuted March 18. Previous studies have shown that tight-fitting underwear such as briefs can overheat testicles, damaging sperm and affecting fertility. Manufacturers hope their skivvies will provide a cooler, more comfortable fit for men.




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